30 days of april {enjoy reading}

Now that I'm the kind of person who reads...it's starting to really get to me that life is getting to be too busy to read. I know, I know...all of you true readers out there are telling me that you have to MAKE time to read, but it's tough!!

Lately I've been feeling the effects of a cluttered mind, and deep down I know that 45 minutes spent in another universe (AKA District 12 since right now I'm reading the second Hunger Games book), would do a world of good, but I'm having a hard time turning off my brain.

I still have a lot of work to do on achieving balance in my new life as a business owner, and today I'm reminded of the evenings I used to spend in bed beside my fiancé, with a book in my hands and my head on his shoulder, not a care in the world...my favourite kind of reading.


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