30 days of april {enjoy ignoring}

I'm having this weird epiphany...and it goes something like this: "walking is good for you?"

Recently I've started walking in the evenings with a friend who lives nearby, and we are getting this great combination of fresh air, chit chat, and tired leg muscles. Today, however, it looked cloudy with a slight chance of tornado, and as the rain poured down 30 minutes before we were scheduled to walk, I thought about sending a text asking if we were still on...

But instead, I ignored the weather report, and assumed that our plans hadn't changed. It ended up being an absolutely BEAUTIFUL night for a walk :)


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  1. i shouldn't really have to say it, but thats a pretty picture! (as if i've disliked anything you have ever put on your blog) i kind of want to do this april challenge...it looks fun and challenging


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