loving lately: pinterest edition

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A couple weeks ago I renovated my 'about me' page on my website, and when it came time to sit down with a pen and paper to make a list of the things I loved...I ended up learning quite a bit about myself. 

You see, with me...there's no in between. When it comes to places and products and things, it's a fine line between hatred and passionate, never ending, enthusiastic love. It's very possible to have never heard of something on a Monday and be a die hard fan come Wednesday, that's just the way it's always been!

I went back and perused through all of my old pins on Pinterest, picking up on some of the things I pinned more frequently, and in the process I really honed in on what I truly, truly love. Like coffee, and mustard yellow, and Nikons, and intricate fonts (but we already knew that...)

This post started out as a loving lately of sorts (if you're new around here, it's basically like Oprah's favourite things, except...without the free stuff part), but I think I just want to use this opportunity to share some of my favourite pins with you <3

{some legal mumbo jumbo just to make sure
there will be no lawsuits up in this joint...
none of these photos as my own!}

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I'd love to check out the things that inspire you and make you happy!


  1. um i love you and your pinterest! i love looking at all your pretty pins

  2. Yeah, your pins are amazing!! I love when I see a whole bunch of new pretty Laura Kelly pins!!


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