30 days of april {enjoy hearing)

Today, it has to be about what I'm not hearing.

You know the sound, the familiar buzz of the cell phone vibrating beside you while you try and catch up on some sleep: bzzzzzz....

The cheerful ba-donk! that means you have a shiny, brand new email in your inbox, waiting for an equally cheerful reply.

The hummmmm of an overworked laptop fan, reminding you that you've refreshed your Facebook newsfeed too many times for one day.

Well, my friends...today I won't be hearing any of that. I have tucked away the phone, the laptop, the alarm clock...anything that beeps or buzzes or humms is not going to get ANY love today because...

It's quiet time.

Beans and I have reserved this entire day just for the two of us, sans distractions...powered off.

I can't wait for the silence. Alllll the wonderful silence.

P.S. before you get all smart on me and wonder how I managed to post this entry, I will share with you the joys of auto-publish :)

P.P.S. if you're wondering if this counts as item #94 of my list of 101 in 1001 (go unplugged for an entire day), you would be mistaken, because I still plan to use a hairdryer and a straightener, and keep the lights on in my house. But I haven't forgotten about it, don't you fret :)

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  1. haha i love the P.P.S.! i hope that you and Beans had a lovely day


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