Wednesday, March 2, 2016

melissa + jordan | woodsy winter engagement session

There is so much to love about this engagement session with Melissa and Jordan, I just can't decide what I'm most excited about! There's the homemade save-the-date mugs filled with steamy hot chocolate and marshmallows, Melissa's insanely perfect hair (that everyone on Facebook went ga-ga over with every sneak peak!), and the fact that these two just could not take their eyes off each other.

When I drove up to their cozy home for two, I knew the charming and woodsy backyard would be the perfect location to start shooting. Being close to the house made it easy to fill those mugs with deliciousness and grab a cozy blanket to keep warm. 

I am so excited to be heading to North Bay (my first time!) to be shooting their wedding in 2017! It may feel like forever away, but it'll be here before I know it. I hope you're ready for some adorable winter engagement photos! 

After a quick outfit change we drove a few minutes down the road for some woodsy shots. The cross-country skiing path was only designed for one person, so naturally Jordan carried Melissa on his back :)