favourite wedding photos from 2017

I was so overwhelmed with the response from my previous blog post where I shared my favourite engagement photos from 2017. It's great knowing that so many of you enjoy seeing these yearly recap posts as much as I love creating them! 

There is no time like the ultimate present to share the very last post in the series, the one I've been SO excited to compile and relive: my absolute favourite wedding photos from the past year. While the photos themselves make me feel proud and accomplished, it's always the people in them that make the work feel most worthwhile and important. If happy people in love aren't your thing, scroll no further. Because  if you continue, you're about to smile your way to the very end. 

Kara & Kevin's wedding day was one of my very favourites! It started with a bit of a roadblock after a cancelled Porter flight to Sudbury and a midnight search for a rental car... But once I arrived I was welcomed by the most wonderful people, handed a cappuccino, and made to feel right at home. SEE MORE from their flawless Summer wedding here.    

Finally got to spend some quality time with this insanely fabulous Ottawa-area wedding venue, one of my personal favourites, Stonefields. Catching it on a Spring day with the greenest grass didn't hurt either. 

2017 brought more champagne pops than any other. And so many full-of-life photos like this one from Meagan & Devan in Perth. 

I'm a huge fan of these two people, the lovely Jordy & Kevin. I didn't expect to find out that they lived like 4 doors down from us in our new neighbourhood though! Ottawa sure is a small town sometimes.  

Full face laughter was a common theme for the year, much to my delight. 

And thankfully so was the sun! I had fewer rainy weddings in 2017 than any year before it. Probably because Joanna & Brenden's intimate cottage wedding took all the rain for itself... 

Even still, this photo is one of my favourites :)

Jasmine pulled such a perfect colour palette for her bridesmaids, made better only by clear sunshine poking through the trees in the background. 

How can anyone say that shooting on a cloudy day beats bright and beautiful sun... 

Hair. Robes. Rings. Invitations. Dress. I want to relive that hour of getting to shoot Kelly and her girls getting ready. It was perfect in every way. 

Even after all these years my clients can still surprise me! One of my most viewed blog posts this year comes from Meaghan and Chris and their surprise wedding that "posed" as an engagement party. If you haven't seen it, you need to get caught up here

Monochromatic weddings, or jewel toned spectacles of vibrance -- I shot them all. I loved them all. 

This cake lives on as my most asked about from the season. Happy to report it's by The Girl With The Most Cake!

That barn at Stonefields is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. So happy I get to return this coming Summer!

Like I said in my favourite engagement photos from 2017 post, I found my perfect mix of black and white this year, turning photos like this one into something a little sharper and edgier than my normal style. 

Kev & Kara look equally flawless in colour, but the black and white is definitely one of my faves. 

My last big wedding of the year! Sarah and Jordan, can we redo this whole entire day again please?

I returned to the site where the Prime Minister "photo-bombed" the wedding party back in 2012. (By the way, if you haven't read that story, it's worth a moment of your time.)

Sunsets AND sunflowers. If you ever been with me while I'm shooting a bride and groom, you know I was probably rolling my eyes at how perfect and amazing it was. 

Tallest cake of the year, no doubt. Holly and Tony plus a hundred million florals and chandeliers -- head here to relive that magical day. 

2018 is set in stone, but if I could request ooooone thing for 2019, it would be more backyard tent weddings like Carly & Ryan's! Holy cow this was the perfect mix of comfy, at home wedding meets luxurious, glam marriage festival. I want to go back. 

My absolute fave wedding party attire, no question. I had never seen colour matching done quite as perfectly as Ariane & Brandon's wedding. It was as if everything they touched turned to photographic gold.  

Tell me you caught the tiny detail of the scent on these favours at their brunch wedding... "Smells like a perfect morning wedding." 

Barefoot in the wildflowers. It doesn't get any cooler than Carly and her two different wedding dresses

In the opposite of a backyard, Holly & Tony cut their cake and danced the night away on a monogrammed dancefloor. This job is nothing if not everchanging. 

I could pretty much cry on command if I think too much about this night-before-the-wedding-tattoo story. Such a goodie. 

Did someone say Presh Floral and Suzy Q? I will be RSVPing yes. 

This girl is ready for Spring. Just saying. 

Rarely do I get the opportunity to photograph the bridesmaids during sunset! I still love how it makes the colour of their dresses pop :)

Such a romantic fall wedding for George and Jess...

As soon as I saw it, I knew this photo would have a home in the next edition of the Bridal Guide magazine that I design for my clients. 

Did someone order the most stunning group of metallic dresses sent straight from heaven? 

Of all the cakes that were cut in 2017, this was the only one that had the whole room in tears. I love love love this moment where Joanna and Brenden find out they're expecting a baby boy. 

You can often find me preaching about how real life moments are better than staged ones. This photo is the one I mentally carry around with me as proof. I love it more than Kelly and Peter probably realize. 

Making the Chateau look somewhat empty on a busy Saturday afternoon...

It's funny how it's always the smallest details that you remember. For this wedding in particular, I remember the smell so clearly; like fresh cut flowers in the warm summer air. 

Going out with a bang and tying a nice bow on the amazing year that was 2017 with this last photo. So full of life, and with more meaningful connections than I thought possible to pack into a 12 month timeframe. You know by now how lucky I am to call this my profession. 

If you are a bride, groom, or wedding party member who appeared in this post: thank you. Thank you for giving me your most authentic smile, for sharing your story with me, for offering me a glass of wine at some point throughout the day, and for keeping it fun every step of the way. You are treasured.

If you are a bride or a groom for a 2019 wedding, I would love to hear more about your plans for a beautiful wedding! You can get in touch with me here.  


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