prettiest bling from 2017

I've been spending too much time looking at cardboard boxes and packing tape and too little time looking at gorgeous florals or tulle skirt engagement sessions. Moving will have that effect on you; compounded only by moving 2 days before Christmas. 

That January feeling is stronger than ever this year: new house, new life, new me. I have a hundred posts in draft that I can't wait to roll out in this first real month of off-season, and a completely refreshed heart that is so excited to CREATE.  

I figure there's no better way to continue the year in review series than with the sparkliest photos I could get my hands on. I give you: my favourite ring shots from 2017! First up, a true beauty designed by Stor from a shoot with TOAST Events that rocked my world.   

If you can get a heavy diamond to rest perfectly on its side, that's a good work day. 

One of my favourite unique rings of the year comes from that stunning cottage wedding where it downpoured beyond our wildest dreams. 

This ring is perhaps made more special because of the girl it belongs to <3 

2018 goal: more ring shots that feature cupcakes and florals. 

Even after all these years, a beautiful ring set can still surprise me. 

The gorgeous Kaylie wears the heck out of this stunning piece. Feel free to reminisce about their darling and colourful fall engagement here

This post would be incomplete without a way for me to work in this magical invitation suite from Sarah & Jordan's October wedding... 

Understated autumn. That's what I was going for with Kate's ring photo featuring this perfectly neutral leaf and her cozy scarf as a pillow. Trust me, you start getting resourceful after shooting a few dozen rings against plain old greenery.  

Vintage rings, yay or nay? I personally think you can NEVER go wrong with something classic. 

The black and white detail from this next ring shot comes from a pleat on Kelsey's preppy skirt. It makes the diamond pop and look super bright! 

And there's no better ring to end this post than Celina's pear shaped slice of heaven. This photo was my most viewed and shared from the whole year, appearing on over 20 inspiration instagram accounts internationally! 

Remind me to shoot more ring shots during golden hour...!

This first blog post of 2018 feels the same way most people feel when they set foot in the gym after the holidays. A breath of fresh air, fully recharged, ready for the year ahead. I am so excited to get to work on making 2018 my best year yet! (More on that later!) 

Happy New Year, loves!   

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