favourite engagement photos from 2017

It's hard to remember the sunshine and how it feels against the tops of your shoulders. It's as if buttoning up your coat and squeezing into your warmest boots makes it impossible to think back to a time of sandals and spaghetti strap dresses. But there's nothing like a year in review post, featuring sunsets and happy couples, to put you right back in that place. 

The people in this post are the ones who make it possible for me to live out my deepest passion and pursue a life of joy and creativity over everything else. I am grateful to each and every one of them, and cannot wait to re-live the year we spent together through this collection of photos. So here they are, my favourite engagement photos from the past 12 months -- finally! 

Basking in the sunshine with Holly & Tony, only a handful of weeks before their wedding day:

And having just as much fun with Kelly & Peter on a super cloudy day:

I spent more time on rooftops this year than any other. Gladly, I'll add :)

One of my faves of Kaylie + Pearson:

This one seems like ages and ages ago! (And yet I can still feel the numbness in my toes...)

I am positively OBSESSED with this next photo. It's the cover of the newest edition of the magazine style Bridal Guide that is handed to each and every new client. When I said my life is built on joy and creativity -- this is it. 

Something about this colour palette gets me every time. And Kelsey's preppy skirt -- LOVE. 

2017 really solidified my love for black and whites. I found the right mix about halfway through the year, for the first time in forever. Ever since, I've been swooning over photos like this one! 

Our darling and lovely friends Jackie and Jason. Oh how I love this uber random location we discovered!

I'm skipping a caption for this photo because it will make me cry. She's the most beautiful best friend a girl could ask for, and he's her perfect match. The end. 

Did anyone else forget that bountiful green fields existed? I know I'm being a little harsh on Winter today, but COME ON. 

Breaking the internet with this Parisian (no wait, still Ottawa) photo was pretty sweet. 

These two are particularly close to my heart today after just wrapping up their two-day wedding extravaganza. I haven't touched part two yet but you can catch up with part one here!

One of my favourite dreamy sunset shots of the year. Could her hair possibley hold any more sunshine?!

I made my way down to Prince Edward County for Calen & Scott's engagement and we paid tribute to cute yellow door at Angeline's Inn.  

Cannot wait to photograph a stunning July wedding for Catherine & Philippe! They're the best at cozying up side by side:

And my killer second shooter Jess will be by my side this year again for a handful of events -- thank goodness! Shooting her engagement session was the icing on the cake of our sweet friendship. 

Five months until the big day for Kevin & Anna! I will never forget how someone just strutted up behind them as we were taking this photo and sat down on that big rock to catch the view. People are funny. 

Could have chosen any number of photos from Chelsea & Jeremy's engagement session -- I love them all! But this one makes my sunshine loving heart very very happy. 

You'll have to stay tuned and see what craziness Chelsea has been cooking up for her wedding. I will certainly be needing my passport, I'll just say that! 

Ohhhhh Sylvia and Frederic. Engagement and a wedding in the same year, knocking it out of the park for both. I miss you guys! 

That moment when you and the Bride are on the exact same wavelength and she chooses your favourite photo for the save the date. Meghan & Shaun -- love you guys. September will be magical. Let's have champagne in another parking lot ASAP. That is all. 

The more seasoned I get at photographing couples, the more I come to appreciate a photo that might not look extraordinary to most, but that feels like a true representation of their love. This is Ariane and Brandon. This is the truly magical stuff right here.  

And speaking of magic, I'll end this post with one of my favourite shots from my last engagement session of the year: Kate & Mitch. I adore these two people and cannot wait to celebrate all the wonderful things that 2018 will bring to them. 

Maybe there will come a time when I feel old and disconnected from this kind of visual representation of love. Or maybe it will continue to grow inside my heart like it has done for the last 7 years. Either way this post is a snapshot into how connected I feel to the amazing souls that I get to call clients and the beautiful photos that we can create together.

What a killer year. 

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