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In good conscience, I can't go into the weekend without giving Ariane and Brandon the joy of seeing their much-anticipated blog post. Call me a sucker, but I will work my butt off to make magical things happen for the happiest people. 

This wedding is close to my heart because Ariane and her sister Stephanie are personal friends of mine, having met a few years ago through our book club. It's also the bohemian wedding in a field that I've been dreaming of for YEARS, complete with gorgeous floral crowns, a caesar bar, and jumbo jenga. I love everything about this wedding and feel incredibly honoured to have witnessed and documented it. Ariane & Brandon are wildly in love to such an extent that it's contagious. There were more tears and more laughter in this condensed wedding day than I've ever seen before. 

Dive in and fall in love yourself, because this is the good stuff right here. This is why we celebrate marriage and share it with our very favourite people. 

Can you believe this toast took place just after 9:00am?! These girls were champs to be fully ready so early!

Dreamy hues of blue and the sweetest lace-up ballerina flats you ever did see...

I couldn't believe that Ariane and Brandon wanted to do a first look with their wedding ceremony happening before 11:00am! It was so important for them to head into their wedding celebration as a pair and be able to celebrate with their guests for as long as possible, so it made perfect sense. 

This is the most unique first look I've ever photographed. My heart was so happy as they exchanged cards back to back and read a few words from their beloved before turning around to see each other. 

But nothing could prepare me for their reactions...

The best thing I've ever seen <3

Ready to tackle this AMAZING day together!

Is this the appropriate moment to shout out the outstanding florals from Pollen Nation Floral Studio? I was so happy to see a peppy Katherine pulling into the driveway on the morning of the wedding. I knew she would deliver!

Ariane and Brandon were married in the backyard of Ariane's parents' home in Saint-Adele, Quebec. The house is nestled on a quiet court and made the perfect venue for such an intimate affair. 

The cutest coffee bar!

...complete with custom coffee sleeves, obviously. 

And perhaps one of my favourite details, custom wedding favours in a scent that was too lovely for words: "Smells like a perfect morning wedding." 

Naturally, Ariane and Brandon wouldn't have just ANYONE officiate their ceremony. One of their best friends, Barry, did such a great job creating a ceremony that was meaningful and emotional. He rocked the house even with tears in his eyes the entire time. 

Ahh I just love her so much!

In honour of their first date, which as far as I can piece together, included a whooooole lotta shots, the wedding party poured the first round as soon as they walked down the aisle. #notyouraverageweddingamiright 

I am so obsessed with this colour palette and their perfectly mix-matched outfits. Honestly guys, you came together like a million bucks. 

Can you tell I'm loving every second of this? I could have photographed these two all afternoon <3

This is the part where I stopped feeling all feelings, because it was just too good and I couldn't take any more beauty. 

One of the sweetest parts about the informality of the whole event was that it gave the crowd a chance to spend some quality time with the bride and groom. Hungry? Grab a bagel with cream cheese or a donut! And then get your butt back out to the lawn to play more beer pong. 

My beautiful friend Stephanie delivered a very touching speech. Good thing her sister is a pretty-crier ;)

Ariane and Brandon, I have no words. I love you both so much and have really enjoyed getting to know you as a couple this past year. It's true honour that I feel when I look back on September 2nd; grateful to have celebrated by your sides and met your incredible families. Can we do it all over again?!

Congratulations on the start of your beautiful marriage, #harperlyeverafter. LOVE YOU!


Hair and Makeup: Tiffani Hall
Bride's Dress: Boutique 1861
Bridesmaids Dresses: Aritzia
Venue: Private Residence (Saint-Adele, QC)

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