photos that almost didn't make the cut | 2017 edition

It's my job to weed through the collection and search out the imperfections. I'm supposed to notice things like crooked smiles, half-blinks, and armpit fat. I'm even supposed to pick up on the bridesmaid rolling her eyes in the background of a photo. (Real example, people.) 

When an imperfection is found that photo is immediately flagged, either for edit or for the ever-so-hefty discard pile. But sometimes a photo lives right on that border. Maybe the Bride would LOVE to see it; maybe even frame it. Or maybe she'd hate it and skip through it quicker than we skip the intro to The Office on Netflix.

Either way there's a special time of year where these precious photos that almost didn't make the cut can come together for their time in the spotlight. Friends, this is as "bloopery" as we get on the Laura Kelly Blog. ENJOY!  

Squished nose flower girl eavesdropping on our patio photoshoot! Trust me, it was even better the more I zoomed in.

Perhaps this Groomsman gets an award for taking his grand entrance very seriously...

The eternal question: to include a post-lipstick fix photo or not... Nine times out of ten I vote yes.   

Award for the most hot-mess photo taken in 2017. This photo looks like it was taken a split second before someone tore a hamstring. I have a feeling Ariane and Brandon approved of it. 

I was not in charge of this pose. 

Or this one... 

But I may have nudged them in the right direction for this one... 

When I did my initial scroll through Dale & Kevin's wedding collection, I was so sad this bike got in the way of what would have been an otherwise flawless walking shot! I kept coming back to it though, and eventually the happy biker grew on me. 

I shared this photo on Facebook asking for Ottawa to help find and tag him. The search is still on, but I have faith that one day he will be found. And that this will be his profile photo.  

Only when you actually KNOW the Bride & Groom can you get away with including an expression like this one. 

This was actually a dancefloor test shot. It was taken with flash settings that made it look WAY too bright. When I first saw it it just looked like a sea of white and grey. Only after squinting and darkening it 400% was the image underneath revealed.

I felt like Bill Paxton in Titanic scraping away at the muddy paper and finding a nipple.   

We got so many happy shots of this little one, but the crying one is a must-have. 

Speaking of unhappy children... 

Sprinting with the force of a thousand Usain Bolts as soon as possible. Flower girls have better things to do; I completely understand. 

Maybe a first for including a cow tongue photo in a final engagement gallery? 

On my rainiest wedding day of the year, Brenden held the umbrella over Joanna high enough that I could shoot without it in the frame. (Head over here to check it out!)

I pulled back for a quick shot though so she would never forget what it looked like outside the polished photo. I love this shot :)

Kevin's face should be rolled out as a new emoji in the next iPhone update.  

Pretty sure this face already is an emoji though:

Barry wanted to appear in this post. He told me so right after this photo was taken, though I doubt he remembers it. 

Selfie game was strong in 2017. I could have tossed another few dozen selfie moments into this collection :)

Caught snapping at the head table ;) 

I am glad that this photo now has a place on the internet. 

A look that only a sister can give to her maid of honour:

Gold star for Kevin not stepping on Dale's train. He's a keeper, girl. 

She swears she didn't mean to take out her sister-in-law with the bubbly:

For my beautiful best friend and her two brothers, this was the most fitting photo. I hope that it is framed somewhere. 

I whistled so he would look at me, but he had other plans. 

What's the rating system judges use for figure skaters? I would like to give a high score to Lisa & Geoff for their bridal party entrance please. 

Also, the videographer on the right is Dan. You'll be seeing lots more of him this year because he's getting married in July and I'll be there!! 

Short Bride problems over here ;) 

Finally, one of my favourite candid shots of the year: Meaghan and Chris BOLTING into the cabin as someone pulls into the driveway of their surprise wedding. They made it in without being caught and the surprise went off without a hitch. In case you missed it, this one's for you

I hope you enjoyed this little way-back-playback into 2017's real life moments. I love to share what's just beyond the perfectly polished photos that appear in a blog post: real people, real laughter, and some amazing memories. 

Next up in the year in review series, 
my favourite engagement photos from 2017!!   

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