stephen harper's photos go viral!

How fun is this!

Yesterday I posted a blog post about my celebrity sighting, thinking that my Facebook followers as well as my politics-loving Father would get a kick out of it. But it kinda sorta went viral and it lead to a total whirlwind of a week!

It started with an email from an editor, asking for permission to share some of my photos, along with the link to my blog. And then I got the tweet :)

Which lead me to the article on

(now, of course the landing photo was one with the bride & groom, 
but I HAD to screenshot the one of me and the PM 
because that's just way too cool lol)

And a couple of awesome tweets about it :)

And a story in the Huffington Post :) This was one of my favourite articles because the author called me funny. 


A video on CTV!!

An article in The Ottawa Citizen

An article in The Globe and Mail

An article in the Toronto Star

Live phone interviews with Canada AM and CBC Radio

And an article in the National Post

Oh, and check out the CRAZY stats on that blog post...

And things finished off with a photo on The Rick Mercer Report last night. Super cool, and a little bit weird seeing as my Dad called this on the very day the photos came out! :)

(Season 10, Episode 6 if you're wanting to look it up!)

In conclusion...


1) People like celebrity sightings.

2) News travels fast.

3) Editors WILL find you. Even if takes an email, call, Facebook msg, AND a tweet.

4) PASS is the best and easiest way to share photos, ever.

5) I have the best network of people who fill me in on everywhere they heard the story, which was especially helpful since I have been in Montreal during all of this!

Oh, and I'll finish this up with my favourite tweet of the week, from one of the editors at that's an accomplishment ;)


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