my something blue...

The other day I posted this on Facebook:

remember when Beans and I are getting married
in less than 4 months...what?

And ever since then, our wedding has been at the front of my mind. I've been thinking about decor, what to pack, bathing suits, shoes...everything. And at times, it gets a little bit overwhelming! I mean, don't people have destination weddings so that they don't have to plan anything? What happened to that idea?

But last night, Beans surprised me with something that not only made me bubble over with happiness, but something that ticked one more thing off my wedding to-do list.

He gave me my something blue

If you don't already know, he has been away in Toronto for 5 of the last 8 weeks, for exams and studying for his Chartered Accountancy exams. Last night when he got home, he went upstairs to unpack a little bit, we had a snack, and then he asked if I could grab his laptop from his suitcase. When I went upstairs, there were two words waiting for me on a letterpress card guessed it...Tiffany & Co.

But since I won't be wearing it until the wedding, that's all you get to see :)


  1. omigod love.. so cute. What a charmer!

  2. that is just about the sweetest thing ever! i can't wait to see whats in the little pouch :)

  3. heart just melted.


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