loving lately: good music edition

Life leading up to and since the wedding show has been madness. Getting caught up on orders and prints and DVDs and editing and all of that wonderfulness that brings me so much happiness, has left me without the time to browse the internet for other kinds of good stuff.

You know...like cool new companies, cute etsy shops, tv shows that I'm a virgin to, etc.

And thus...

An edition of loving lately dedicated entirely to the four songs I've been listening to on repeat for the last 6 days. Thank you Grooveshark, I owe you big time.

(before you go off thinking this is going to be another upbeat song about taking shots and wearing nothing but glitter, think again. And listen!)

cannot. stop. listening.
I'm a big Drake fan, but I love this slower tune of his, and Rihanna actually
isn't annoying in this one...!

(I don't think I have to defend this song to anyone. It's fab.)

I searched Grooveshark for Owl City playlists and I do NOT regret finding this song. It makes the office part of my day fun :)

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