jobs & clients & a wedding sneak peek!

There are a couple different kinds of gigs. There are ones that you have to work really hard at (endless phone calls, emails, convincing, or even worse...sales pitching). Then there are the kind of gigs that fall right into your lap.

There are also a couple different types of clients. There are the ones who try to mold you into the photographer they want you to be (picture itemized charts of instructions, lists of shots to get, calls from across the park ("LAURA! OVER HERE! There's something happening OVER HERE!"), or requests by way of photo attachments from the work of other photographers). Then there are the kind of clients who ask questions, look for direction, trust your instincts...the kind that could be found saying something along the lines of "do your thing, camera lady!"

[Useless side note: kids actually do call me Camera Lady.
Or Photo Girl, or Ms. Picture. Their parents quickly correct them,
but there's definitely a moment in there where I picture myself
as a super hero. My camera would shoot lasers or something.]  

I see and work with both types. The hardest part, is making sure that any background noise doesn't show up in the finished product. It has to look seamless, whether there are people yelling behind the camera or not. Because while my job is about making my clients are happy, it's also about providing them with the service they signed up for, with photos that I am proud to show off. 

How is this relevant, you ask?

Well, last night I was the luckiest girl in the world to be able to document the wedding of Melanie and Michel. Not only was this a job that fell into my lap (no sales pitch required, eh Mel?), but they absolutely DEFINE that second type of client.

It made for a perfect morning, an amazing afternoon, and a breathtakingly romantic evening. I will never have enough words to describe this wedding. Truly, ask me in 5 years, I'll still be raving.

Here's the ittiest bittiest sneak peek:


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