the only cure is to DO

It's so easy to stray.

It's so easy to start watching Dr. Phil in the middle of the day, without realizing that those 42 minutes are PRECIOUS and can be used differently. 

It's so easy to NOT write everyday. Because writing forces you to actually think -- and I don't know about you, but I have entire days where I do my best to avoid thinking. 

It's so easy to come home from a conference about Making Things Happen, feel insanely fired up, and then somehow manage to go a whole week without making something happen. 

Ugh, I totally hate that last one. 

Why is that so freakin' easy?!

The ONLY cure is to do. To actually DO those things that help you feel fulfilled and fired up. 

Lara posted this yesterday, and it was an instant trigger. It reminded me that even when you think you've figured things out, there are new challenges around the corner waiting for you. 

Here's a great example: 
delete all my PVRs, and instead, use some of the new-found
 free time to watch a movie. WHAT? Not helpful! 
If I was going to watch Cruel Intentions for the 357th time, 
I might as well be caught up on the Kardashians!! 
I mean, how is that any better than 
re-PVR'ing some of my old shows?

I'm a self-procclaimed quick-fixer. I like to think I'm decluttering the counters when I take 3 seconds to push everything into one corner. 

I like instant gratification. And making REAL, POSITIVE, LIFE change is the opposite of instant.

When I saw Lara's post, and stared at the lovely print that I've included above...I picked up a notebook and a pen, and wrote a list of things that I could do TODAY and TOMORROW, to make my world a better place to live in. Things that make me happy, things that take away stress, or things that I can do to make my relationships stronger. 

And guess what...there were 15 things. 

15 simple tasks that I could accomplish over the next two days, to improve my life. 

There were little things like read another 5% of my book, or mail the letters in my car that I've been meaning to mail, and bigger things like charge and pack up all my gear for next week's destination wedding. 

So I did them. 

ALL of them. 

42 minutes here, 42 minutes there, spent doing things I LOVE...

Like making friends in the wedding industry (here's a shot of my lovely friend Sarah Walsh's studio). You'll be seeing MUCH more of her and her new collection over the next couple months, because we are working together on a really fun project!

And designing a photo album of our engagement photos!

And working on some crafty goodness in my office :) 

I'm sitting here with a renewed sense of accomplishment, and a kick-ass outlook on making things happen, and it only took what -- a couple hours at most?

If it's so EASY...

why don't we just DO IT?


  1. Ever since I came across your website and messaged you about workshops, I have been following your blog.
    I just wanted to say in a weird way I am kind of proud of you. Is that totally random, even though we haven't met? Haha.
    I thank you for your transparency through all of this and it is really great seeing you grow and change.. and blog about it for us.
    I enjoy reading!

    Brittany Gillman Photography - from lil ole Petawawa ;)

    1. thank you so much for sending your love, brittany!! that means so much to me :)


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