prettiest ring shots of 2016

Welcome December!! I celebrated the arrival of the holiday month with an afternoon of bookkeeping. You read that right... I actually LOVE bookkeeping. Entering all of my receipts, tracking my revenue, writing out mileage numbers...maybe my accountant husband has had more of an impact on me than I realize! I also drank a tea from my David's Tea advent calendar, and that counts as truly festive, right? 

This year I'm doing something a little differently. You know those "best of" blog posts that usually trickle in in January? Well this year I'm making December the month of the best-ofs! To kick off the month, let's start with the shiniest post of them all: prettiest ring shots of 2016! I can almost guarantee this will be the sparkliest part of your day. And if it isn't, I want your life.

A solitaire ring and a gold feather necklace detail? *Hallelujah plays softly in the background*

Sarah's Anne Sportun ring is striking and bold and so so perfect for her. Anne Sportun shared a couple photos on her Instagram feed and we all died. 

Jillian's soft pink wedding details were so romantic! Her ring shot needed to match <3

My sweet friends, Gen and Chris. The gold on their wedding invitation was the perfect backdrop for a ring shot. They included this photo in their wedding album and that's the kind of stuff that makes me so happy.

Arguably my favourite ring shot ever, and my first opportunity to photograph The Mrs. Box. This photo is one of the first ones you see when you visit my website. Somehow it's the perfect combination of luxury wedding photography meets bright and pretty colours. Plus I'm a sucker for a floral wreath invitation...

The beautiful Candace donned this stunning oval diamond ring. One of my favourite things about this photo is how it was taken at 11:00am, before the girls even arrived at the house to get dressed. Little did I know that this photo would perfectly match the photos of Candace and Mark at dusk... 

Talk about incorporating details from the day... This ring shot was photographed on the save the date, with the wedding invitation as the backdrop. And the beautiful ring just happens to belong to my dear from Kelly :) 

Just thinking of the rings of 2017 gives me all of the happy tinglies. Stay tuned for the next best-of post -- most beautiful bouquets!!

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