photos that almost didn't make the cut

The first step in editing a wedding is to go through each and every photo, deciding whether or not it will make the final collection. I consider this one of the most important parts of the process and I always put myself in the shoes of the bride and groom. Does this photo tell a story? Does it add something to their memory of the day? Does everyone in this photo look their best? 

There's almost one photo from every wedding that I flag as a no, only to return to it 5 minutes later and think...this is actually a gem. Today, I'm sharing a few of the photos that ALMOST didn't make the final cut. Enjoy :) 

Kicking it off with this less-than-psyched ring bearer standing beside the happiest flower girl in the game. We did manage to get smiling photos from both of them, but this photo has my heart.  

Nikki and Steve are so cool and asked for a pretty non-cheesy engagement session. This moment when I asked them to take a sip of their pumpkin beers was cheesy on a whole other level, and therefore had to be included. 

Groom looks like he's being strangled by his bow-tie? It's a winner. 

Never was a flower girl more unimpressed with me taking her photo... 

Let's face it this photo was always going to make the cut, but since it wasn't seen on Kelly & Adam's proper blog post, I thought it deserved a little place on the internet.   

Two cards from her groom, but her reaction was my favourite. 

When your heel gets stuck in the sidewalk crack while you're supposed to be casually strolling hand in hand -- a perfect Candace moment. My favourite part was that she actually SHARED this photo on Facebook :)

So this photo is fun; we can all imagine that the groom would love for it to be a part of his final collection. But the choice to not crop out our buddy on the right? The best. 

30 seconds after that photo above was taken, these guys did the elevator walk for the bridesmaids sitting in the limo.  

Not sure if this was a bought of emotions after a speech, or a full on Honey Boo Boo sneeze. 

Trio of crying Bridesmaids -- check!

This is a conversation I'd like to be a part of... 

Testing light on this groomsman. For the record, I am not in charge of this pose. 

During an engagement session I provide direction in order to create the beautiful but real moments that appear in the final gallery. Usually the shot that will be their favourite will happen just one or two seconds after one that looks like this. "Okay Maria, hand that basket to Pat. Pat, this is the best gift you've ever received, yes?" 

Bridesmaids using their bouquets as umbrellas? Amazing. 

This videographer may have come a little too close for comfort...  

One of my favourite accidental shots from 2016: this dog who doesn't belong to them desperately wanted to make a cameo... 

The holidays are fast approaching! There's only one more best-of post, but it's a goodie: best wedding photos from the year <3 Until then, happy shopping & wrapping & baking & shovelling!  

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