stunning blooms from 2016

Best-Of Week continues! I have fallen madly and wildly in love with florals after photographing weddings for 6 years, so this round-up of my favourite blooms of 2016 makes me crazy happy. The florists featured in this post deserve all the credit, so I'll be listing each one as we go :)  

This winning bouquet was from Brittany & Zach's surprise proposal, and it's pretty much perfect in every way. Thank you, Presh! You're the best. 

Bouquet by Presh Floral

My beautiful friend Kelly was married with this gigantic bouquet by her side. The blue elements perfectly matched every detail of her day and looked amazing with the navy bridesmaids dresses. 

Bouquets by Kevin's Flowers

Bouquet by TOAST Events with Florals provided by Stoneblossom

This bouquet was a breath of fresh air, and photographing it with the water washing over the ribbons was one of my favourite creative moments from the year. 

Bouquet by Presh Floral

This is one of my favourite bridesmaids-with-the-bouquets shots of all time. First of all, those bridesmaids dresses are STUNNING, plus the dreamy sunset light and the magical florals from Flowers Talk

A little birdie told me this bouquet will be published somewhere pretty cool in the coming months. For now, we can just stare at its prettiness here. 

Bouquet by Satin & Snow

Bouquets by Stoneblossom

Bouquet by Presh Floral

Bouquet by Presh Floral

This next bouquet was the most perfect way to kick off the 2016 wedding season

Bouquet by Presh Floral

Bouquet by Satin & Snow

Bouquet by Wild Bunches

Bouquet by Wedecor

Bouquet by Satin & Snow

This beautiful bouquet was the perfect addition for a sunny day in August underneath the willow tree at Evermore. If you haven't seen Megan & Roy's wedding in awhile, go visit here :) 

One of my favourite bouquet shots of the year, the beautiful Genevieve with her Ottawa Flowers bouquet <3

Bouquet by Ottawa Flowers

There are SO many good best-of posts still to come. Now I'm off to enjoy an afternoon FULL of Christmas shopping! Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. This florist from is the absolute best! They totally caught my eyes when I was just passing by. Always has a great selection and will make a beautiful custom arrangement on the spot.


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