favourite engagement photos from 2016

When rounding up my favourite engagement photos from the year, not only did I fall in love with my job all over again, but I found myself craving every single season at the same time. The pretty spring light! Autumn at the orchard! Those blazing summer sunsets... But also the cozy hot chocolate winter! Since I can't choose just one, it's a good thing I'm sharing it all. 

Just a warning, it you don't want to see happily engaged people prancing about in cute clothes and squeezing each other close, this post isn't for you. But for those of you that LIVE for that sort of picture-perfect goodness, let's dig in. 

Kara & Kevin's Prince Edward County engagement is the perfect culmination of all those good things I listed above. If you missed this one, get caught up here

My 2017 couples are so creative and I loved this love-lock bridge engagement with Jordy & Kevin :)

High school sweethearts planning a Cabo wedding -- it's everything. Krissy & Shayne are the best.

An engagement session unlike any other! These two actually just celebrated the arrival of their adorable baby daughter, Myla, a couple days ago! Sending all my love, Michelle & Ty! 

Every email Nikki sends my way makes me laugh, even if she's only sending me timeline info for the big day. Could NOT be more excited to document their New Years wedding!

Candace, remember I told you we would look back at these snowy pictures and barely remember the cold? Well I was only half right, because my memory of this FRIGID day will last forever, but it was worth it in every way. 

Okay, this photo is amazing because we did almost the exact same pose on their wedding day and you can now see it featured over on Elegant Weddings Magazine. So happy for the newly married Masons!

Ending this post with a sunny summer engagement, because I think I finally decided on my favourite season. OH WAIT, maybe that's just because it's also wedding season. Nicole and Stephane will be some of the first to be married next year and I can't wait!  


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