december goals

I'm confused. Was it not just January 1st? The fact that I just had my first inquiry for a 2019 wedding is too much to handle. November was supposed to bring an off-season, but I ended up accepting a couple of projects that were just too exciting to pass up. I'm so happy I did it, but I'm really trying to slow down a bit these days. I am fortunate enough to be able to control my schedule and I don't want months to keep going by in a blur. 

I think I fell in love with my kids this month. Like major. Cooper has entered such a fun age where he tells funny stories and communicates better and better each day. He makes us laugh and loves his sister so much. Speaking of Jillian, she's starting to slow down and get out of the destructive phase. We even had the puppy's water bowl on the floor for a whole day without her putting her hands in it. Hooray! 

One of my goals for November was to spend some time with Cooper one on one. It was as if the universe handed this goal to me on a silver platter because earlier this week he showed a bit of a fever at school and had to take the next day off. We went to the movies (first time!) and went to see the fishies at the pet store and had the best day together. If all of my goals are going to find me as easy as this one, I really need to start setting some cooler ones...  

A few goals for December:

Have a social media free weekend (or two.)
Finish Reading Amy Poehler's book.
Bake something! (Recycling this one from last month because I simply didn't get to it...)
Write my Christmas cards by the fire, not while watching Vanderpump Rules.
Do a Christmasy shoot for the kids.
Light the balsam candle at every opportunity (yes, it's current lit!)
Teach Cooper to be thankful if someone gives him a present.

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