favourite wedding photos from 2016

The weddings of 2016.

I shared so many amazing moments with the couples and families that appear in this post, so much so that I can honestly say it was the best wedding season to date. The joy in these photos is real. The emotion in these photos is real. In 2015 I started calling myself the wedding photographer for happy people in love and apparently my clients picked up on that.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the amazing vendors that make these photos possible, from the florists to the hairstylists, makeup artists to dress designers -- I appreciate you all so much and the way you serve your clients is an inspiration. I hope you enjoy this roundup of my favourite photos of the 2016 wedding season!  

I'm a sucker for bright pink sunshine-y photos!! 

This photo still gives me chills. Those people are my dear dear friends and it will probably be a favourite of mine for a long time :)

The "naked" cakes this year were amazing. That's all!

I can't talk about Kelly and Adam's wedding because I will cry. I adore each and every person in this photo. 

Ohhhhh Texas wedding, how I love you. 

Sarah & Pascal's wedding can be seen in the current issue of Weddingbells magazine! They deserve it -- their wedding at the harbour was absolutely stunning. 

Shoutout to my first wedding of the season -- love you guys! 

And to the winner of the non-existent award for 'couple with the most photoshoots to date': Julia and Jeff <3 

Evermore in the Fall. So perfect <3

I am so excited for the season that waits for me in 2017. All of the core weddings are booked, but there's room for smaller, intimate weddings on non-Saturdays! 

After 6 years, the passion I feel for photographing weddings is stronger than ever. It's a gift that I get to do this job and document these beautiful celebrations for my clients. It will never get old <3 

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