year in review | 2016

For some, 2016 couldn't end fast enough. For others, it brought them an engagement, the memories from their wedding day, a new little baby for the family, a new job, new home, or a new place visited. For me it was a year of settling into motherhood and finding the perfect balance of work and home. Jillian started daycare full-time in September and it was a game changer. Suddenly I time-travelled back to 2013, back before I had kids and when every work day was a blank slate of potential. 

That change helped push my business forward and gave me the time to pour love and care into every aspect of the job. 

I photographed the most amazing couples this year. Some were married on sunny days, others were married in the rain. But the joy in these photos tells me that love prevails over the weather every. single. time.

And more beautiful engagements than I've ever had in one year... 

I count my lucky stars that I was trusted to photograph 7 styled shoots this year <3 Back in the day, I dreamed of getting to work on pretty projects like this. Now that it's a reality I am pinching myself! So grateful to the planners who dedicated their time to these shoots... 

Spearheaded by Presh Floral, the "Industrial Gem" styled shoot was the best way to kick off the year. Seeing it featured on Ruffled Blog was the icing on the cake.

How can I ever forget my first time working with TOAST Events? The "Ethereal in Dove Grey" styled shoot will remain a favourite for years to come. What I didn't anticipate, however, was the friendship that I would develop with Elise. Photographing her team for the TOAST website was an honour. 

This "Pop-Up Bohemian Picnic" styled shoot was thrown together in 48 hours. Ba-nanas. 

The "Is She A Wildflower?" Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot was rich and luxurious and a true pleasure to shoot. Beneath a willow tree, magic was made that day. This shoot is still completely unseen as it waits for publication so get yourselves prepared, people. 

A "Bohemian Bridal Shower" with a charcuterie board that will make your mouth water. So thrilled that this shoot featured a Laura Kelly Bride from 2015. 

I could pretty much cry at any moment if I think of the dream that was Brittany & Zach's proposal. TOAST hit it out of the park with this one and my heart beats fast every time I think about how we will be working together on Brittany & Zach's real wedding in 2018. Ahh!!

My first time working with Brittany from Gloss Events & Decor couldn't have been more fun, or more freezing cold. Your choice. This "Winter's Snow White" styled shoot was a culmination of an excess of florals and a charitable event :) 

In 2016 I taught my very first workshop (and then 11 more after that one!) for beginners who wanted to take better pictures of their beautiful lives. I'll be taking a workshop break in 2017 to revamp some material and work on a few new teaching ideas. 

On a personal note, the Kelly kids are growing up. Cooper turned 2...

Planning their birthday parties was a highlight of my year, and if I ever had to update my resume, I would add "kids party planning" to my list of hobbies and interests. I can't wait to plan a party for Coop's 3rd birthday and Jillian's 2nd in 2017!

Ryan and I celebrated being together for 10 YEARS! We visited two amazing places (NYC and Banff, Alberta), and attended four weddings for dear friends. Ryan broke his arm and I pulled my hamstring. I saw Justin Bieber in concert, had a wedding published in a magazine, ate my first oyster, read a bunch of books, filled a notebook, painted everything white, and turned 27. 

Our family blog was heavily used this year, and I'm pretty proud that the monthly iphone photo posts lasted all year. The home tour visited the client meeting space, Jilly's room, my temporary mom-office, and our bedroom makeover. 

To my great delight, I ended the year doing my very favourite thing: shooting a wedding and coming home to my husband and little dog, Weezy. I can't wait to share more from Nikki & Steve's wedding with you all. As you can see, it was pretty bomb. 

Happy New Year, friends!

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