wrapping up off-season

Okay...that went by quickly!

I legit feel like off-season FLEW by this year, which is a good thing because it means wedding season is here earlier than expected!

Part of me dreaded putting together this post about my off-season goals and my progress, largely because I didn't even feel like I'd made a DENT. But yesterday I took another look at the list, and this time I realized that although my progress has been slow and steady, I've been able to knock off a good chunk of stuff... 

...like putting together my wedding album! That was a feat and a half...narrowing my wedding collection down from 700+ to about 100 picks for the album!

And putting together my Paris album! This one was a blast, reliving each day in order, and including all of my instagrams along the way :) 

My original goal was to read 2 books between January and May, but that was before BOOK CLUB entered my life! I've already finished 2 book club reads, and I read 3 other books for pleasure. That's a big accomplishment from the girl who doesn't read...

P.S...the June book is Gone Girl, which I read while
I was away in January. It's actually my FAVE book ever!

This is the category with the most work, I'm sure. I busted my butt to get some of the client stuff done in time for the start of the season, like ordering some new business cards (photos coming as soon as the UPS man delivers!), a new album packaging design, and a pricing guide for prospective Brides and Grooms. 

PHEW! Those three things add up to a lot of time in front of the computer. Time well spent.

Oh, oops...THIS is definitely the category with the most work!!!

For sure this time.

My original goal was to START the rebranding process, but I'm very pleased that I finished the rebrand during the weeks that Beans was away on business. I also put together some new promo material and organized the Spring Mini Session day! Very excited for that next weekend!

Make time to write and photograph: CHECK! But it's an ongoing goal I need to have in my life. I've been writing a lot more ever since the MTH Conference, and I'm in the middle of several projects that give me an excuse to take photos that I'm seriously excited about!

And that GORGEOUS middle photo is my new baby...the Nikon f2.8 24-70mm lens. We are madly in love. Last, but not least, bio shots :) So happy to have these new photos of me for the website. I just love them to pieces! 


Take one day OFF, each week, in lieu of Saturdays.

Pack all of the wedding gear the night before.

Choose one aspect of each wedding day, 
and photograph it DIFFERENTLY...

Continue making health a priority, even when it gets busy.
That means spinning with Britt is a priority!

Be diligent with backing up wedding photos on a weekly basis.

Update the wedding gallery OFTEN!

It's scary to think that I'll blink and this season will be over, and I'll be making a visual blog post about my progress with the goals above. Life moves fast, people! 


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  1. you actually don't feel busy??? always seems like you're doing SOMETHING towards bettering your company!! be proud of your accomplishments this year and keep it up!


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