goals for off-season

I love that when I tell people I'm "off until April" they get so excited for me, thinking that I get to be on vacation for 4 months straight.

And then I tell them that this is my time to get prepared for the upcoming season, and that all of the changes that I want to make from last season need to be ready when the Summer hits. 

Sure, it's still pretty awesome to temporarily get my Saturdays back, and I've DEFINITELY been enjoying all these lunch and dinner dates with my friends as of late...but the pressure is on in a way. My 2013 clients really are an AMAZING group of people and they deserve the best.

I need to make them proud!

So I've laid out a couple goals for my personal life, and my business life, in the hopes that posting them here will keep me accountable...
Order our wedding album
Order canvasses for our home
Print off some photos from Paris
Get pregnant (no biggie)
Read 2 books
Declutter some cupboards and closets at home

Pick out some gifts for the Brides of 2013
Order personalized client cards for same-day slideshows
Create a set of email templates and use them
Create a comprehensive pricing guide

Switch to an automated invoicing system
Create a new sample album
Update the wedding gallery on my website
Start the re-branding process

Blog 4 times a week
Set aside time to write and photograph for ME
Buy a new lens (I know which one I want...SO excited!)
Get new bio photos taken
Photograph my office

I have to thank Lisa, my second shooter, for the photo above :) We spent some time in Starbucks a couple days ago going over the settings on her new camera, and setting her up with things like back button focus and manual white balance. 

I love being able to have to time to offer help and answer questions...so much so that it makes me wonder if this time next year I'll be hosting a workshop during off-season. 

You never knowwwww...!

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