hard work pays off (this time in the form of a pricing guide!)

You guys...I am SO fired up about what I'm about to share...

Since the beginning of the year, I've been putting the same thing at the top of all of my to-do lists:


And yet, every time I would try to sit at my computer to bust it out, the inspiration was never there. I'd start designing under one layout, realize I didn't really like the way it looked, and abandon ship. 

But the inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday and I was able to work for 3 non-stop hours to create what I'm about to show you...

This pricing guide is something I give out electronically to all of the Brides who inquire, however in the past, it was only one page with one tiny little photo and my pricing information -- less than exciting if I'm being real. 

Well, instead of telling you about my new one...I'll just show you :)

Between pages of information about things like the best time of day to have photos done, or tips for incorporating personal details into your wedding, I have simple pages like this one below, to give hints at my style...

(and show off a couple of my FAVE images ever)

It's so important for the Bride and Groom to know exactly what your style is, and being able to define it has allowed me to target my ideal clients, and when they find me...choosing a photographer becomes the easiest part of the their planning process :)

And after all my pages for the engagement session, my 3 wedding packages, album design, and some frequently asked questions, there's a page with a few things about me, so they know who will be showing up on their wedding day -- and, let's face it, that way they can recognize me when we're meeting up for a consult!!

I've learned a precious thing since coming from the MTH Intensive...

Hard work pays off. 

The good things in life won't happen on their own...
you have to make them happen!!!

I'm so happy to have this pricing guide ready for my last few 2013 Brides, and my soon-to-be 2014 Brides. It felt SO good to cross this off my to-do list, lemme tell ya!

P.S...a couple of you had commented on my two previous blog posts about decluttering, and I was wondering how your progress was coming along!! Have you tackled any cupboards or closets since then? 

Brag a little!! 

P.P.S...has anyone seen that adorable Walmart commercial with the ginger kid who gives a speech about a bevy of bunnies vs. a herd? It kills me everytime I see it, and I have decided I want a child who knows the difference between a bevy and a herd. 


  1. I CLEANED OUT MY BATHROOM TOO!! it felt so good to get rid of old makeup that i'll never wear again. i have so much more to do though...

  2. I haven't started my decluttering yet, but plan to do so soon! Keep posting about it, it's keeping me excited about rumaging through my drawers.


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