are we gonna regret this? {adventures in gluten-free eating}

Ohhh....this is gonna be fun...

Here's a random post for ya! Beans and I have decided to take on a gluten-free challenge for the month of June. Why? WHY NOT!

We have a couple friends who literally swear by the gluten-free lifestyle (i.e. gluten-free eating f*&%#ing rocks!) and it's possible we were just looking for something new to talk about together. 


As you read this, Beans and I are in Mexico (pre-scheduling blog posts is the bomb), probably standing in line at the buffet, piling our plates with meat, and figuring out how to forego the wheat. I'm just really hoping they have passionfruits in Mexico, because we all know that made up at least 60% of my diet in Punta Cana this year...

Leave a comment with a gluten-free recipe you've tried and loved, or some tips for us while we get over the initial hunger, anger, and other miscellaneous detox side-effects!


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