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I can't even find the words to describe how excited I am to be unveiling these photos from this past Saturday's shoot with Sarah Walsh and a crew of 4 stunning models. It is my absolute favourite work to date :)

Be prepared to be overwhelmed with pretty things and stunning jewellery by Sarah Walsh Bridal..

Now, before I really dive in, let me tell you my FAVOURITE part of this shoot :) 

When Sarah and I sat down to hash out a concept for this shoot, we started looking through my blog for inspiration on locations, wardrobe, etc.. That's when we realized that we really didn't need to go out and find professional models...

You'll recognize Brittany from her beachy engagement session last Summer! And there's lots more to come from these two, because they're getting married on June 22nd and the wedding countdown is ON :)

And remember Kristie from her Fall engagement session and stunning Winter wedding that showed up on the blog this January?

Kim is one of my loveliest friends (and one of the "accounting widows" I so often spend a Sunday afternoon with). You won't recognize her from a past session YET...but she is getting married in less than a year and we're scheduled to shoot her engagement session in a couple weeks! Be prepared for tons of photos of this gorgeous girl:

And last but not least, another Brittany :) We met while planning the wedding extravaganza for Erika and Eddy last July, and her pretty face suited this shoot perfectly.

Sarah is talented beyond measure. And that's an understatement. Her collection is so well made and wearable, and the closer you look, the more detail you'll find. I am also so lucky to call her a friend!! She's one of the sweetest people I know :)

So without further adieu, I give you the brand new collection from Sarah Walsh...

At the end of it all, we picked up our things and slowly walked back to the cars. Hungry. Exhausted. Feeling like we left it all out there in the sand.

This shoot will always be a special place in my heart 

A day spent with some AMAZING friends, pretty lace dresses, and light that makes me say: I DIE.



  1. this is the more beautiful shoot ever!!! i will definitely be looking through sarah's collection when i buy my wedding jewellery!

    1. ahh!! that makes me so happy :) her stuff is AMAZING! you'll look beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous!! What time of date and where did the shout take place? The setting and lighting truly is stunning :)

    1. this shoot was right before sunset (about 6pm this time of year), at a park by the water. hope that helps :)

  3. Beautiful Laura - but it's easy when your models/subjects are so stunning right? :)

  4. Where are the girls' dresses from? Love them!


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