Monday, May 13, 2013

kathy + rod | downtown ottawa engagement

They met at Mellos restaurant, one lovely evening in July.

You're imagining them on their first date, nervously trying to make conversation while glancing over the menu. You think you've heard this story before, but you haven't.  

Because although Kathy was on a date, it wasn't with Rod! She knew the other guy just wasn't the one...and with a little leap of faith, she took Rod's number. But here's the best part, she didn't. even. call.

Exactly one week later, they ran into each other at Bluesfest, in a crowd of tens of thousands of people. And quite literally...the rest is history. 

Kathy and Rod are getting married in Cape Cod next Summer on July 10th -- the very day they sat side by side on those Mellos barstools...

I adore these photos of their little "baby"... :) 

I am soooo excited to be heading to Cape Cod next Summer for Kathy & Rod's wedding :) 

Just another reason I'm convinced 
I have the most wonderful clients in the world...