handwritten notes, wrapped in pretty ribbons...

To me, this is what Making Things Happen is all about.

It would be so easy to receive Melanie & Michel's album in the mail, send it off in the box that it came in, throw a new stamp on it, and call it a day. 

In my head are all these gorgeous packaging ideas...handwritten notes, wrapped in pretty ribbons...but those things take time, and unless you make the conscious decision to DO IT, it just won't happen. 

Doing feels so good. 

And I've learned that this kind of crafty stuff is INSANELY fun for me :) 

It makes me feel creative and inspired and happy!! 

I love strolling the aisles of the craft store for the perfect stamps, coloured ink pads, kraft paper boxes, rolls of burlap...and getting home and dumping it all out on my office floor to start the creative process. 

And of course, everything I send off includes a little handwritten note on my personalized stationery from Paper Taxi... :)

Melanie and Michel went with the 8x8 LINEN wedding album in sleek black, and I've tucked their black and white album cover on the top here (and it just happens to perfectly match their damask theme).

After putting this little package together, I immediately drove it over to the post office and became SO excited at the thought of Melanie and Michel sitting down in their living room and glancing through the thick pages...reliving their wedding day. 

I know exactly what that feels like...and it's the best thing ever. 

I love my job. 

P.S...Melanie and Michel hold a super special place in my heart -- their wedding was a huge stepping stone for me, transitioning into weddings that are FILLED with details and personalization, and I learned so much about my business through their unwavering faith in me. Love them.  

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  1. GORGEOUS packaginf! It is like a little piece of art! I'm sure they'll absolutely love it :)


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