bam! (new business cards)

At Making Things Happen we made an Action List.

The rules were simple: they had to be short, to-the-point actions that could be completed fairly quick, and you HAD to do them.

Basically they don't want you write things like "be a better person" on your action list and then stare at it blankly each morning. 

My Action List included things like:

Sit alone TONIGHT and read a little bit before bed.
Check in 6 months from now to check my progress. 
Delete all by 5 PVR timers.
Mail out my bridal gifts for the season. 

The very last item on my list kind of broke the rules...


I swear, I am the absolute worst when it comes to business cards. The number of times I've said to people "oh, just Google 'Laura Kelly' and I'll be the first thing that comes up" is embarrassing. 

I don't know what it is! I mean, you'd think one day I'd just put a big box of them in my car or my camera bag...but no. 

And I think part of the reason stems from the fact that my old cards no longer look like my brand! Which is totally to be expected since I swear, those cards preceded my very first real shoot! The photo on the back is of my friend Caroline, sitting on a rock, wearing a really cute pair of shoes. 

I mean...does that say international wedding photographer to you? There's not even a wedding dress!

Does that say "HEY GUYS! My style is FUN and FRESH and BRIGHT" to you?

For goodness sakes, it even lists a bunch of services I don't even do anymore! Like corporate... Oh, yeah, I totally shoot corporate events and would be available for hire for real estate photos...(not.)

But the good news is that with the help of MOO

I've completely redesigned my cards, and I happen to love them...

My absolute favourite part about MOO is the unlimited designs for the backs of the cards! It was super hard choosing from a ton of my favourite photos, but I'm so happy with the results...

Keeping the face of the card super simple was hard to do, and in my head I heard things like "put your phone number! how will they be able to call you if you don't put your phone number?? and you HAVE to put your blog address too, obviously!"

But I really want each prospective Bride and Groom to get the entire go to my website and follow the steps through the about-me, the galleries, the pricing, etc. 

And let's face it, simple is sexy. 

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!! 


  1. these are beautiful!!!

  2. gorgeous :) i'll ask you for one next time i run into you haha!


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