format, fill, empty, repeat...

That's all I'm doing today.

128 gigs worth of memory cards getting dumped onto my hard drive, formatted, and set up for another destination wedding. Life if tough, huh??

I am home from the most beautiful wedding in Sebasco, Maine, and extremely excited to be boarding a flight to Mexico tomorrow morning with my husband :) 

Travelling alone has it's moments (often very quiet moments...), but there's nothing like knowing your seat buddy on the plane, having someone to carry the suitcases up the elevators, and reserving your seats by the pool...

The thought of coming home to edit Laura & Lee's wedding makes me GIDDY, I love it that much. Here's a little look into their day:

See you next week!!!


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  1. SO perfect!!! i love that background! goes so great with her colors.


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