date night, resort hopping, and a milestone

Life is simple lately.

I feel like I've been repeating that to myself all week, while remaining in this state of happiness and excitement for some events that are coming up...

I've just been so happy lately, filling my days with things I love. Like impromptu dinner dates with my wonderful husband :)

I took that bottom-middle photo as soon as Beans recognized our long-time friend, Caroline, sitting at the table behind us. I then texted that photo to her and we watched her glance around the restaurant. 

Make that an impromptu double date :)

I'm also getting more and more excited for my next two trips!! First stop is a wedding at the Sebasco Harbour Resort in Maine, where I'll meet my sweet friend and graphic designer/personal artist, Laura, for the very first time ever. 

Look at this ADORABLE map that came with Laura & Lee's wedding invitation...
I'm obsessed.

And then as soon as I get home, I'll be repacking my bags and heading to the Gran Porto Real resort in Mexico for my last destination wedding of the year. I am so excited to photograph Louisa & Corey's wedding, and on the other 6'll just be Beans and I, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying life.

In other news, I've now crossed into the quadruple digits on my Facebook page!! 

Beans told me as soon as I hit 1,000 likes, he'd throw me a 1,000 likes party, and I'm happy to report that he is staying true to his word! On Friday, June 7th, we welcome you to swing by our place for a drink (and probably some sort of thousand-themed baked good...) to celebrate!

And to all of you lovelies who keep up with 
the Laura Kelly Photography page: all my love 


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