melanie + michel | saint brigid's wedding

It wasn't long ago that we went for a walk through the Byward Market during Melanie & Michel's engagement session, and ever since that day I have been ridiculously excited for their wedding.

I wrote about how there are a few different types of clients, and on this day, September 24th, 2011, I learned that there was actually another type of client. The kind who takes your Starbucks order on the morning of the wedding, the kind who hugs you throughout the day, the kind who starts out as a client but turns into a great friend.

Gotta love having a bridesmaid who couples as a professional makeup artist!

Hair done, makeup done, time to take a breather. Melanie called Michel to wish him a happy wedding day, and that right there, ladies and gents, is the face of a girl who has never been happier.

Suddenly it was time to slip on the dress. I just loved this moment between Melanie and her bridesmaids...'re absolutely stunning.

The ladies had everything under control, so I popped over to see how the menfolk were managing.

Melanie and Michel exchanged cards, along with a tear (or two).

It's such a wonderful thing when a wedding venue suits a couple perfectly. St. Brigid's Center for the Arts was the perfect spot for Melanie & Michel to tie the knot: it was grand, it was beautiful, and it was romantic as all else.

I've never seen a bride and groom more excited for the first kiss. I loved it. 

After the ceremony we took off for some formals...  


No big deal, just an amazing, amazing group of people who were ready and willing to roll with anything I threw at them. I have serious love for this crew. 

Note to add: over my right shoulder there's a security guard telling me we have to leave. Yeah buddy, nice try.

Melanie & Michel chose LAGO as the perfect spot for their reception, and I am so thankful for their choice. 

The speeches were touching, I may have even fogged up my camera for a minute or two. It takes two very special people to make a room feel so completely full of love.

The two made their way to the dancefloor, and swayed to "Lucky," singing the words to each other as they went.

I think Michel said it best when he said that you can meet a woman for a moment, meet a woman for a season, or meet a woman for life. I don't think a single person left that room wondering which one Melanie was.

Congratulations to my two favourite newlyweds ♥ I am so grateful that you chose me.



  1. Great images. I love the black and white theme she chose! I'm looking forward to doing more weddings in the new year and hope to have a fun groups as well!

  2. Thanks Ardean! This girl is amazing, every little detail was perfectly thought out. So blessed to have her as a client :)

  3. Michel and I (the bride) are looking at these from Morocco and in tears; We absolutely love them

  4. I think this is your best shoot so far! Fantastic!

  5. Thanks Scott & Rebecca! :)

    Melanie & Michel...I'm so excited that you were able to see these while you're on your honeymoon. I can't wait to show you the rest ♥


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