maybe tomorrow

As I sit here under fluorescent office lighting, I think about what it would be like to have total control of my own 8-hour work day.

I would like to think my day would look very different than it does now...what with the 6:45am wake up, shower, commute to work, eight hours of staring at an Outlook inbox, doing pretty much nothing, meeting Ryan, commuting home, having dinner, an episode of Entourage, Dragon's Den, or maybe even Auction Hunters, bed.

The truth is, I spend that 8 hours during the day, doing as much as I possibly can to further my business and my brand. I speak to clients as much as possible, prepare blog posts when I get a few moments, get inspiration from my favourite photographers, and think about what else I could be doing if I weren't chained to my desk.

Let's assume I was free.

First thing's first, I'd get up to see Ryan off to work. In fact, I'd probably drive him, and save the downtown parking expenses. On my way back I'd stop at the gym for a morning spin class. Monday to Friday, no excuses.

I would get home, shower, make a nice little breakfast for myself, and sit down at my computer. I would answer the e-mails and inquiries I received the night before, and correspond with my lovely brides and other clients about album design, picking prints, all that good stuff.

I would blog, and update the photos on my website portfolio with some of my latest shots. I would chat with other wedding vendors, and make connections and plans to meet up over lunch one day.

When I start to get restless, I would go out and pick up an order of prints, maybe design some LKP stationary that I could give out to potential clients or use as "thank-you" notes.

I would stop at Starbucks for a non-fat, no-whip mocha frap, with a handful of wedding magazines for inspiration.

I would bring my camera everywhere I go.

The day would come to an end and I would go pick up Ryan, and ask him about his day on the way home. The evening would be spent making a nice dinner for the two of us, a bit of de-cluttering around the main floor, and enjoying each other's company.

No work, no stress, no e-mails, because I know that after the morning commute and the daily spin class, I would be sitting down at my computer, and starting all over again.

It sounds absolutely wonderful, and it makes me wonder why I'm still sitting under the fluorescent lights. People say "don't quit your day job!" and that expression never really meant anything to me until just recently, and I find myself asking..."why not?"

I really do wonder how many mornings it will take before this picture of life becomes a reality.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow...

And since every post is better with a photo,
here's an oldie but a goodie.

P.S. I wrote this post and read to it myself using the Baz Luhrrman voice. Just in case you're unfamiliar...take a listen.

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  1. This has been my exact same fantasy for the last few months. Though I can't afford to quit a day job right now, I'm trying to get a different day job that won't make me lose large clumps of hair every day and make me rather scratch my eyes out than go to work.

    baby steps.


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