melanie + michel | engagement

"Sometimes you just know..."

They smiled at each other and Melanie crinkled her nose, and it was like I was suddenly sitting on my couch, in pjs, with a bowl of popcorn, watching an e-harmony commercial on tv. Maybe because they met on e-harmony...or maybe because we discussed how they would go about auditioning to be featured on a commercial.

I can see it now. Meet Melanie. She's cute, she's sweet, she looks like the girl next door meets a ray of sunshine (no, really, pretty sure everyone who knows her understands what I'm talking about here). And one day, this lovely girl went on a date with an equally lovely boy (on Christmas Eve no less). Melanie said he was smitten. Michel didn't deny.

"He was a good Christmas gift," she said.

Skip forward one year (+ 8 days) to New Years Eve. With the perfect ring all picked out, he got down on one knee and made her the happiest girl in the world.

Last night I met up with Melanie and Michel, and we chatted about wearing running shoes to work, making the final wedding preparations, and how we both almost wore the same black studded trenchcoat. Oh yeah, and I guess I also snapped some photos along the way....

Looks like fall is on its way...

Melanie...seriously. I cannot handle how gorgeous you are.

I love the way Michel looks at Melanie...girrrrl he loves you!

Hahaha... "we're so Brady Bunch right now"

Ohhhh 5pm sunlight, I live for you.

Is there anything better than gelato time? We popped into Sugar Mountain for a sweet treat :)

Ughhh ♥

When I look at those photos I absolutely melt (no pun intended...), and I think it's a combination of being absolutely smitten with my subjects, having perfect weather and sunlight to work with, and feeling very photographically inspired.

I simply cannot wait for the wedding.

SEVENTEEN DAYS! (but who's counting...?)


  1. Simply beautiful! You can feel the intensity on those pictures! Great capturing those moments!

  2. Great photos!!! They both look so natural! You really captured the moment!!
    Coco and Cricri

  3. Those are fantastic photos, you should be so proud of yourself! What a lucky couple to have you take such beautiful photos!


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