wppi: the game changer

I am sitting down to write this on the morning of September 10th, 2011, knowing that I certainly will not be posting this entry until much, much later. I hesitate because I know this is a game changer.

It's called WPPI, and stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. While trying to explain it to Ryan, I said it was the Superbowl of photography. Not that football euphamisms were necessarily the best for describing that, but it worked.

Oh yeah, and it's held over seven days in Las Vegas.

Over the last 3 months or so, I have been reading the personal and professional blogs of countless photographers, of whom I look up to more than words can describe. I usually start with their most recent entries, get an idea of what they're all about, and then I start from the beginning. I read about how they started out, the problems they faced, the mistakes they made, the things that took their business to the next level.

One thing they all have in common...they all went to WPPI.

One of the girls I read about, Jasmine Star, is speaking at WPPI next year, and it would really be amazing to see her speak, after having read hours and hours and hours of her writing. Here are a few people I would absolutely LOVE to meet (but I'll settle for spotting them at the other end of an auditorium):


It is now September 14th, 2011, and I am quite smitten with the idea of attending WPPI. Excitedly, I looked up flights and hotel deals on expedia.ca and got an idea of pricing. A little premature, but hey...it's harmless to look!

I am still pleased that this is not getting posted as I type it, because there is definitely an element of being unsure whether I'll actually attend. In that case, I would hate to post all this about how "I'm REALLY gonna do it!" and then it doesn't happen.

On a random side note: I asked Ryan if we could move to California, he said yes, in 2 years. I wonder how serious we both are.


September 15th, 2011. All I'm thinking about is how exciting it would be to be sitting at an airport, knowing that I'm headed to Las Vegas for the first time, to a conference that will fill my head with information and ideas, and open my mind to a whole other world of possibilities. Call it cheesy, but it's exciting! That wait at the airport seems like ten million years away.

Ryan just told me that he thinks I should go, and that I would have a blast. I must remember this day :)


September 20th, 2011. I check the WPPI website everyday looking for new content. Today was exciting...a link to the MGM Grand Hotel with a promo code for booking accomodation. Unfortunately the link did not work. Maybe tomorrow. Lord knows I'll be checking.


September 21st, 2011. No big deal, just looking up my flights and accomodation for real. Too bad the group code for WWPI members is still more expensive than what I'm finding on expedia.

Considered staying at the Hooters Motel down the street, because I heard it's cheaper. Only 10 bucks cheaper per night, not worth it, you know...because of the possibility of murder and all.

Expedia found me a room at the MGM Grand, which is where the convention takes place. It's also where everyone else will be staying, and I will barely have to leave the grounds of the hotel (saving on cab fare, woo!).

Why am I clicking through all these "continue with your booking" screens? Am I booking my flight? No, I'm talking to myself.

Oh geez...paid. done. don't think about it. Holy crap, am I going to Vegas?!

Guess so! Holy crap...


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