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If you know me personally, you may recognize these two kids. I forget how we know each other (it's either through mutual Carleton friends, or one of Ryan's work parties...), but I can tell you this much: I find them positively adorable.

When I found out Michelle was engaged, via a simple photo of the ring that she uploaded to facebook, I freaked. I was so excited for them, and eagerly told her that if she wanted engagement shots, I'd be her girl.

Lucky for me, they were game and we set a date!

I think the funniest part of this shoot is that the first thing Michelle said to me when we met up was: "you've got your work cut out for you." I laughed, and told her they would do great. She gave me her serious face and said: "no, seriously."

Here are some of my favourites from our session at Vincent Massey Park!

♥ ...

LOVE this one... :)

I just loved how these two laughed and played around for the entire shoot. Michelle kept saying, "Brandon, be good! Smile nice!" but I'm glad he didn't :)

Made sure to get a shot of good ole' Dunton Tower (since they met at Carleton!) 

Brandon let go of Michelle's hand, and booked it for this giant wall. Naturally, I captured it.

I'm not usually one for the cheesy shots, but c'mon, that's a cool tree and hey, THEY'RE ENGAGED! WOO!

Is it too early to say I'm excited for the wedding?

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