I have no idea how I'm supposed to do it next week. Wake up, that is.

Every morning Ryan wakes me up and says, "it's 6:00am," and then "it's 6:30am," and then "it's 6:45am," and then he showers and jumps on me and wakes me up. It's great.

This morning I had to wake up ALL BY is that even possible, I mean really. Turns out I slept about 45 minutes longer than I was supposed to, knowing full well that I was being rebellious. Got up, showered, and headed out the door with two arms full of suitcases and the little extras that I remembered last minute.

Today I'm headed to Toronto, for a weekend that is jam packed with the most random events. Starting with me, driving all by myself, to Toronto, for the first time ever. I plan to sing loudly for at least the first 3 hours.

The highlights should be:

Seeing Ivy.
Jay's game.
And hopefully a photo-adventure. More on that later...

The boys will undoubtedly get fed up with my endless picture-taking. Mostly Ryan.

Even though technically he kissed me goodbye at 5am, I am very excited to see Ryan when I pull into TO. I wish we were roadtripping together...


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