loving lately: shopping + spinning + sweets

1. Fall Boots.

The fact that my fall boots have already been purchased, leaves me with a serious feeling of relief. Shoe shopping is almost torturous, I almost hate it.

The worst part is having to ask for a size, that's why I refuse to shop at Aldo. I don't need a 16 year old in clubbing attire taking off for 10 minutes at a time, leaving me sitting on the puffy bench staring at my watch.

Thank goodness for the Shoe Company. Seriously.

2. Spin Class.

I had been neglecting my love for spin class for too long, but around the middle of August I decided to get back into it.


3. Chrystal's Baked Goodies

I met with Chrystal from Chrystal's Baked Goodies last night to discuss the plans for our future projects and I couldn't be more excited. Also...she said next time we meet up she'll bring a cupcake for me to taste! Eee!

...and because EVERY loving lately
should end with a tune:

4. Katy B - Katy on a Mission


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