kelly's cabin

There's something about putting your feet up on the dash, and looking out the window on the drive to a cottage. Oh yeah, thanks Ryan for always driving me around :)

It was such a beautiful afternoon when we arrived at number 28, formally known as "Kelly's Cabin."

Abby was looking quite content while she watched birds and barked at squirrels.

We were treated to a lovely dinner by Chef Gordon :) and I happily snapped some shots of the perfect light coming in through the windows.

The three generations of Kelly men, chatting about a combination of economics, home renovations, and beer.

There was wood to be chopped:

And when it started to get dark, we prepared a fire.

Ryan took photos of me and my silly faces :)

(that last one was me being a bird,
just in case you were wondering.)


  1. enjoy your vacation!!! show more pics when you get back :)

  2. Hi there, checked out your website following the pictures and story of your chance meeting with the PM.....You sound like a lovely person from a great family. Just wanted to wish you good luck in your career, suspect you and your talent are going to do very well from here on in...


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