the wedding ritual

I'm no longer cut out to wake up by myself in the morning. I usually pull in to the parking lot at 8:05, but since Ryan has been away it has been a little less 8:05 and a lot more 8:55.

I do, however, enjoy the drive in. I get to listen to the Glee soundtrack guilt-free. Still though, I'd trade that in everyday for the chance to be with Ryan, sing, play games in the car, and of course... nap. BUT the end of the week is here, Ryan comes home tonight, and I won't have to set alarm one single day next week.

Here's the part where I procclaim, Rebecca Black style, that today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday, which is WEDDING DAY for Melanie & Michel! I could NOT be more excited to spend the day with them tomorrow.

Tonight is going to be all about getting charged, both physically and equipmentally. That's not even close to being a word, but just go with it. The day before a wedding I like to go through some of my favourite wedding blogs, mainly Style Me Pretty, and get inspired. It's a lovely ritual that I hope to continue with every wedding to come ♥

Photos were found on Style Me Pretty.

Better get some sleep tonight!


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