backyard sunsets

Today I sat in my cubicle, and took note of the clock at 3:42pm. Almost time to go home.

I visualized walking out of the office, scouring my lulu bag for my keys, walking to the car, sitting in the traffic, pulling into the driveway, and walking through the door. I wanted nothing more than to see 3:59pm, and luckily I didn't have too long to wait.

Ryan is off at a pub I presume, having drinks with his father (male bonding, you know?), which leaves me at home, all alone, to do whateverrrr I please. Right now that translates into sitting on the steps in the backyard with my laptop and a glass of wine.

Now that it's nearly 7pm, I know I don't have too much longer to wait before the sun starts to set.

If I had to make a list of the things I love about this house, I would probably start it off with upstairs laundry, work my way into the double door den, mention briefly the glass shower in the ensuite (the one we paid a small fortune for), but without a single doubt, I would end up at the backyard sunsets.

I have lived in 4 beautiful houses, but never in all that time have I seen sunsets as beautiful as what Half Moon Bay has to offer. I'm sure Ryan is used to the sound of my gasp at 8pm, when I point out the purple sky and the fiery orange sun. I'm also pretty sure he's over it...he's more of a moon guy. No, seriously.

All we need patio furniture.


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