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We've all seen the ads, "I'm a PC," and "I'm a Mac."

Well in the camera world, the Canon vs. Nikon debate holds a similar level of competition. In my opinion, Canon likes to show off its pretty colours and cool tricks (kind of like a really expensive fish you would order off ebay), while Nikon is there, time and again, just trying to give you the very best you could want, no bragging required (like a....golden retriever? Okay I'm done with this metaphor).

That's what Nikon has always been for me, and that's why it is my first choice. In the process of trying to pick out my very first DSLR camera, I weighed out the options for both. The first guy I dealt with at Henry's told me:

"Go Canon, it's lighter. Here...feel it"

It felt like a toy. I guess I missed the memo where everyone decided that lighter was better, without exception or limitation (okay, legal-admin-speak just came out there, let's dial that back a bit please).

I remember picking up the Nikon D3100, noticing that it was significantly heavier than the Canon, loving the way it felt sturdy in my hands, and thinking that I would most likely be taking it home with me that day.

After that, I started purchasing lenses! And then when my experience started to out-grow my camera body, I knew it was time to upgrade. Two weeks ago I started shopping around, to find out what camera was going to get me through the next stage of this business.

I came across the Nikon D7000, in all its glory, and once again, I fell in love.

I'll be the first to admit, my very first DSLR purchase was pretty darn recent...but I've decided to look at it as a success that I've already out-grown it.

My friends are asking me if I'm selling my old one, and the answer is no, for a few reasons. The first, is the same reason as why I would never, EVER, think about selling my Nikon F55 (even if I could get more than $50 bucks for it). It means so much more to me than just a collection of parts and mechanics, and to me it will always represent the beginning.

The second reason is a pretty exciting one. I have recently acquired a second shooter, whom I will be working with over the next few months. It's a great DSLR to start out with, and she's going to love it.

My very first shoot using the new equipment is tomorrow afternoon, I think I will really be able to see a difference in the quality, I can't wait!

PS. this post was written in order to demonstrate that if we're all picking sides, let it be said that "I'm a Nikon." Let this post also be used to demonstrate how I get carried away in my own thoughts.

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