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Brittany and Brent...where do I begin?

I met these two for a consult a little while ago, and when they booked me for their wedding a couple days later, I realized that I was the luckiest wedding photographer in Ottawa. 

Couples like this don't come around very often. 

The fun, silly, ridiculously good looking, and unbelievably thoughtful ones...they would have every photographer in the city lining up around the block to take their picture. And the fact that I get to do it? I don't take that honour lightly.

So here's to feeling lucky <3 

Remember that part about them being ridiculously good looking? Yeah, I don't tend to exaggerate. 

One of my faves!

And obviously my favourite photo EVER...

Seriously guys? Rocking it out like MODELS.

The fact that I have to wait SO LONG for their wedding makes me sad. gives me something KILLER to look forward to for next Summer.

You two are going to be a stunning Bride & Groom, I cannot wait <3


  1. Holy cow! these are stunning, great job to all 3 of you!

  2. You think Brit is cute you should see her Dad. Seriously...Awesome pics

  3. These are amazing! And is it just me or does she look JUST like Kate from Lost...just sayin.

  4. My colleague is the financee's mom and she just shared these photos from your blog -- wow, wow, wow!! I agree that you were given fantastic, great looking models but you also did a fantastic job! Beautiful pics!


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