post-oscars marathon (& year one is complete!)

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In honour of the Academy Awards last night, I'm posting one-third of a completed item on my list of 101 in 1001

#10 watch all of the oscar nominations for best picture

Here's year one of three, all finished!

THE ARTIST {20/04/2012}
I cried. I loved it. I get why it won Best Picture.

THE DESCENDANTS {03/01/2013}
Not a fan. No other words. 

I watched this movie having absolutely NO idea what it was about or who was in it. It's just not my kind of film, but I didn't HATE the hours that I spent watching it. 

THE HELP {09/03/2012}
If we're being 100% serious, I watched this as part of a hangover cure, combined with ginger ale, an advil liqui-gel, and a three hour nap. Absolutely in love with this movie, and all the people in it. Emma Stone continues to be one of my favourite celebrities. 

HUGO {12/03/2012}
In the mood some something not so serious, and thought this would be a good fit! Plus...anything with Borat in it, I'll watch :) I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I can absolutely see why it was nominated; it was darn beautiful.

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS {28/02/2012}
Rachel and Owen to stick to plain old rom-coms. This was a tiddly bit long for my taste.

MONEYBALL {17/03/2012}
I am watched this movie with Ryan and our wonderful friend, Andrew. I enjoyed it VERY much, beginning to end. There were times when I thought I would cry, and times when I found myself biting the skin around my nails because I was so enthralled with this movie. Loved it. 

THE TREE OF LIFE {14/01/2012}
Shoot me. This movie was torture. Minus the George Clooney part.

WAR HORSE {19/06/2012}
I watched The Devil Wears Prada right after finishing this one, just so I could feel like myself again. 

Now, last night's Oscars were DEFINITELY my favourite ever...from Meryl Streep's appearance, to Jennifer Hudson's song that gave me goosebumps, and especially Seth MacFarlane's dig at Ben Affleck not being nominated for Best Director...

I loved every minute of it. 

And I thoroughly enjoyed live tweeting alongside the HILARIOUS people I follow...

I'm now ready to embark on a marathon of the movies that were nominated for this year!!

And now that I know Argo wins, 
I think I'm going to save it for last :)

Edit to add:
I just found this video, and I am now trying to figure out how I can make this girl my best friend...


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