{featured: wedluxe blog} nadine + daniel's wedding

AHH!! I'm SO excited about this latest feature in Wedluxe...I literally bounced up and down in my desk chair when I saw it!

Nadine & Daniel's wedding day was so lovely and glamourous, I knew that it would show up somewhere FABULOUS on the internet, but to be featured in WedLuxe is such a treat :)

I've been dying to see this watermark on my photos...

Well that's my happy news of the day! 

Have a fabulous FRIDAY :)


  1. CONGRATS!! such a gorgeous blog to be featured on!

  2. OH WOW!!!!! You deserve it Laura!!! You're the best!!!! My sister Nadine and Daniel are breathtaking but your pictures bring out the best in them. Thank you and keep up the great job!!!!!!

    1. thanks Mona!! you girls were just too gorgeous that day, I knew they'd put those photos in the feature! :)

  3. Congratulations!!! A beautiful spread!

  4. Félicitations Nadine! Ma mere m'a dit qu'elle venait de te voir a Hull et que tu venait de te marier cette annnée. All the best to you. Ca serait l'fun de se revoir! ;)
    Jacinthe Clément 514.243.1430


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