Thursday, February 7, 2013

encouragement, wrapped up in an email

There are days where you wonder why you even bothered to get out of bed in the morning. 

Days where you look at yourself in the mirror and see only the roots you need to cover up, and the ab workout you skipped yesterday.

These are the same days where you question whether you're even "really" a photographer. Or whether your husband actually likes the way you make scrambled eggs. 

They're the same days where you answer one email and two more pop up in its place...or you drop your toast peanut butter side down. 

And as a blogger, there are days when you feel like you're talking to no one.

And just when I was having one of those days, I opened a message from a lovely girl who is new to the photography world:

I follow your blog all the time and am just so incredibly impressed with your talent and creativity!!! By the way, your husband was hilarious when he took over the blog.... you seem like a terrific match for each other!!

I have a quick question for you if I could steal a moment of your time! 
I just upgraded to full frame (D600) and picked up a 24-70. Now i'm trying to decide what type of 70-200 to get.... whether or not I bite the bullet and get it for the D600, or pick one up that will work on my DX camera (D90) So I guess my question for you is... do you have two bodies at all times? Or just one and switch lenses? 

I am so, so excited about photography in general. It's so addicting! [...] Anyways... all that being said... you are definitely my photography idol and know that when you take the time to type out your posts, people do take the time to read them :-)

Have a great weekend!

When I read the line, "know that when you take the time to type out your posts, people do take the time to read them" it hit me really hard.

It was just what I needed to hear at that moment.

I have the job I've always dreamed of, but there are days where it gets lonely, and there are certainly days that it feels scary to put your work all over the internet and wait for a reaction. 

It makes me want to send an email just like one, to all of my photography idols....just in case they're having one of those days. 

Oh, and to answer the question from the email:

I only use one body at any given time, however I always have my spare body on hand in case of an emergency. Since I've upgraded to a full-frame, there are some lenses I have upgraded, and some that I'm still waiting on. It would probably go against everything they'd teach in photography school, but I still use my crop lenses on my full-frame body from time to time. 

Hope that answers your question :)