good things happen to those who hustle

Today will be comprised of two things:

2. Watching Round 2 of Jasmine Star's 
CreativeLive course, RESTART 

I watched Round 1 of this course about 2 weeks ago, and it sparked a lot of creativity and drive in my work life! Since that day, I've spent more time in front of my computer than ever before, but the difference productivity has been amazing.

I also have some pretty exciting things going on in my business right now, and I'm excited to dot the i's and cross the t's so I can share them with you :)

But in the mean time, 
my hands will be busy kneading cookie dough, 
and my mind will be racing with all of these new, fresh ideas. 

P.S...if you're an established photographer, or someone who's just starting out, you NEED to get yourself caught up with this workshop because it will change your business for the better! 


  1. I am watching day 1 right now actually! looking forward to day 2, tell us if it was any good!

  2. So this may sound like a really silly question but I'm just new to all of this. If I miss the time slot of the live course, because of work in my case, I wouldn't be able to watch it this evening for free at all would I?

    1. heyy! so the live part is 12pm-7pm for my timezone (Toronto), but if you're trying to watch it on off hours, it's $99 and you get access to all 3 days (which is an INSANE amount of info to learn!).


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