a phone date with mrs. kelly

Not me.

My mother in law.

It had been WAYYYY too long since we'd spoken. And for absolutely NO reason...life just got in the way a little bit. 

So we had a phone date! And 5 minutes later, after the usual what's new? how's Ryan? any fun shoots this week? we started talking about the important stuff. 

In particular, she told me she was surprised that I blogged photos from the "We're Not Pregnant" party, which totally shocked me!

Why WOULDN'T I blog it?! It's a huge milestone! And a fabulous photo booth was involved! 

But I guess she raises a good point... 

People don't usually talk about that.

You hear your friends and family members say "We're pregnant!" when they're three months along, and rarely before that. I can only think of one person that I know who told me she was TRYING to get pregnant (and then obviously Khloe Kardashian, but I don't really know her). 

But in my mind, I absolutely had to write about it because, well...what if it gets hard?

What if trying to have a baby proves to be a big difficult challenge? What if Ryan and I have to go down this really long road of fertility problems? Knock on wood...but this is a serious train of thought for me...

If that ever happened, I'd have to write about it. 

My clients and ultimately, my friends, have supported me from the beginning, and in my opinion the more vulnerable I appear, the more they seem to love me back. 

I love that our 45 minute conversation lead to this post, because I never want to forget how it felt to throw it all out there and announce amongst a group of prospective clients, that we're ready for the next step. 

P.S...I call her "mom"...but "a phone date with mrs. kelly" just has such a nice ring to it. She would want you to know that. 


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