anik + ryan | couple session

We have one of those friendships that was created in an instance.

I met Anik on my first day in the Dominican for Joelle & Mark's wedding, and we bonded quickly over our similar love for film and photography. I remember Joelle introducing me, and it couldn't have been more than 10 minutes before the group of us headed to get some lunch together. 

I spent almost every waking moment on this trip with them, and Anik and I continued to bond over things like our mutual sense of humour, our choice of vacation reading, and our significant others named Ryan. 

On the morning of a volleyball game with the entire wedding party, I used Anik as a model to test the settings on my camera...and with that one photo, I knew I needed to do a full session with her. 

Throughout those days we spent lined up on pool chairs, Anik told me a little bit about her dreams of picking up and moving out to the West Coast and pursuing a career in the film industry. She made it seem like it was years away...

But when we got together for coffee after the trip, she was so excited to tell me that her and Ryan were actually doing it!

My new friend is moving to Vancouver... :(

But I honestly couldn't be happier for them; they're doing what they should be doing! And hopefully never looking back!

That day, I told Anik we would need to get together for some photos before they go away, so that's what we did on Wednesday afternoon, out in the country, on a mild Winter day...

Are these not the CUTEST people you've ever seen?!

Anik & Ryan -- I will miss you guys!
But...I kinda have this feeling our paths will be crossing again :)

P.S. Anik, this is why we are friends, in case you didn't already know:

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, my lovely blog readers!
I'm checking out and heading down to Toronto
 for the weekend for Beans' swanky celebratory event :)

I'll probably take lots of pictures of us looking dapper,
so keep an eye out on instagram!


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  1. AHH!!! they are so adorable!!! I totally want to do my engagement in the Winter now.....!


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